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Nailing the Art of Nails: with Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin

nails by nailed it

In a realm where self-expression knows no boundaries, nail art has emerged as a captivating canvas for creativity and individuality. From elegant designs to bold, eye-catching masterpieces, the artistry of nail technicians has taken the fashion world by storm. To delve deeper into this vibrant realm of beauty and creativity, we had the privilege of sitting down with the brilliant minds behind Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin, a renowned nail studio that has been setting trends and raising the bar in the world of nail art. loves
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Nail art, once considered a simple grooming routine, has transformed into an intricate and imaginative form of self-expression.From the classic elegance of French tips to the vivid complexity of 3D designs, nails have become miniature works of art.The studio's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a dedicated following of nail enthusiasts, beauty aficionados, and trendsetters. Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin is not merely a nail salon; it's an oasis of inspiration, where every visit promises a unique and unforgettable experience. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the story behind Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin, their journey through the ever-evolving world of nail art, and the secrets to their enduring success.
nails by nailed it
nails by nailed it
nails by nailed it
Stepping into the Nail It salon located at Lübecker Str 49 in Berlin is like entering a realm of creativity and nail artistry. The dynamic duo, Olga and Magda, the talented minds behind Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin, welcomed us with infectious energy. Amidst the stylish decor, clients receiving meticulous nail treatments, and an air of fashionable flair, we sat down with Olga and Magda for a chat about their work. Their salon is not just a space for nail care; it's a canvas for self-expression and a testament to their journey from Warsaw to Berlin. 
nailed it
nailed it
nailed it

How did you guys met?

Olga: Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to experience working and living in Berlin rather than just visiting on weekends. I reached out to one of the most renowned salons, asking if they would be interested in guest spots. I secured a residency through a Warsaw client, rented a room from Madzia, and ended up staying for two years.

How long you are doing it?
Olga: I've been doing nails for 21 years.

Magda: Well, it all started with Olga. I used to work in a large corporation until recently, and being a corporation, it wasn't a very creative or fast-paced environment. I got a bit bored. Since Olga and I were friends, I told her that if she ever needed help in the studio, she could count on me. One day, Olga called me, asking if I wanted to open a nail salon.

Do you feel that people in Berlin can afford more creativity?
Olga: From my perspective, there isn't a significant difference between Berlin and Warsaw. Nail art has been popular in Warsaw for 13 years, making it comparable in terms of nail art craziness. However, finding a salon that can give you a good manicure is challenging here in Berlin compared to Warsaw, where salons are everywhere.

Magda: The awareness and standards definitely differ between Warsaw and Berlin.


Tell us about the beginning of your collaboration.

Olga: I already had some clients from my previous salon and met many Polish women who couldn't find a place to get their nails done. I started doing pop-ups, and from there, I rented a space in Prenzlauer Berg for six months. I couldn't imagine doing it alone, so that's why I collaborated with Magda. I wanted to escape the fast-paced life in Warsaw and enjoy an easier life in Berlin, focusing on working with clients rather than managing a business.

Magda: I think Olga is more flexible here, and she's a significant help in my responsibilities since I've never led or opened a salon before.

nails by nailed it
nails by nailed it
nails by nailed it warsaw.berling
nails by nailed it

How did you get into doing nails?

Olga: I was always involved in the beauty industry, doing makeup, nails, and hair for friends. Initially, I wanted to be a hairdresser, but my internships didn't go well. Eventually, I decided to learn to do nails, and during my first year of high school, I started doing this. When I finished high school, I already had a solid foundation in the craft. I fell in love with nails immediately.

How about your clients? Whats your relationship with them?

Olga: Most people I know, I met through nails. There's probably no better profession for meeting people from various cultures, backgrounds, and professions. If we talk about relationships, you build them, and they last for years. I have clients who have been coming to me for 8-10 years.

As for funny stories, there are many, but I can't share them due to the trust of my clients. Maybe one day, we'll release a book of DM screenshots – it's hard but funny.

How do you feel after switching from the corporate world to Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin?

Magda: I really enjoy being here and creating something. It's undoubtedly a big challenge, considering I'm still studying, so I'm at the beginning of my life. It can be challenging, and sometimes I feel like my head is boiling, but I usually find joy in it, seeing results right away.


What inspires your nail designs?

Olga: It varies. After so many years in the industry, I've become good at reading people, as you need to be in this profession. Some people don't know what they want or want too much at once. I guide them in making choices. Yesterday, I had a great experience with an artist from Berlin, and her inspiration was an outfit from a photo. It turned out great.

Any mishaps?


Olga: Mishaps happen all the time. You can't please everyone, and everyone has different expectations. For instance, Nail It is dog-friendly, and some people don't like it. We received a negative review about too many dogs. But you know, there are a million other salons; you don't have to come to ours. We stick to what Nail It is about and we build a strong community here.

Magda: We sometimes have double bookings, or freelancers set their schedules, so we don't wanto to force them to work eight hours a day. It requires flexibility, and sometimes we struggle with fitting in clients.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start their own business?

Olga: Don't overpay at the begining, give yourself time, create a good business plan, and be courageous. Understand that with your own business, there's no free time. I haven't been on vacation for eight years since I opened my first salon. You never know how your business will develop or how quickly you'll be able to save money.

Magda: Don't take everything personally.

As we conclude our journey through the  world of nail art with Nailed It Warsaw.Berlin, it's evident how deeply the studio team admires and values this project. We have a profound appreciation for and a strong commitment to supporting female-led businesses and the incredible women who drive them.


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